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List of Course Topics

Defining the Mission 'What is the best way to define the mission or agenda in an organization?" This theme is approached from two perspectives: the linear or logical frame method, and the non-linear or creative method of determining an agenda.
Government Administration A seminar that aims at fostering reform leaders for non-profit organizations and local governments. After examining theories of privatization, new public management (NPM), etc. we consider the possibilities and limitations for their adoption in Japan
Policy-making Process We study policy-making process from legal points of view at this class. Case studies of land-use control and international cases will be taken up for discussion.
Administrative Litigation We study various administrative litigations at this class.
Administrative Law and the Law of Civil Procedure will be explained enough for case studies.
Urban Base Policy Regarding urban base policy, from a perspective of international comparisons, we will elucidate the mutual relationships and mutual operation of the 'Three E's' (economy, equity, and environment) as cited in the European Union's urban strategy goals.

Other Course Topics (Urban Public Policy Studies Related Fields)

(Basic Subjects) Microeconomics, Introduction to Urban Economics, Public Economics, Introduction to Social Research Methods, Introduction to Case Study Research Methods
(Core Subjects) Governmental Organization, Governmental Assessment, Urban Public Policy
(Exploration Subjects) Social Policy in Japan, Urban Housing Policy, Urban Finance, Local Political Process, Special Research in Urban Public Policy
(Subjects in Development) Public Information Systems, Social Security Systems Theory, Public Policies in Civil Society, Study of Social Exclusion/ Inclusion, Study of Social Research Method, Asian Urban Economy, Urban Regeneration and Community Development, Political Science of Non-profit Organizations


This is one of the special programs of the School of Creative Cities. Each week we invite a guest speaker who is a leader in the field of urban public policy, and they speak about 'current status and issues,' etc. A variety of guests lecture about administrative reform and governmental management, urban planning and urban policy, welfare and infrastructure, housing problems, etc. After about an hour's lecture, another hour is provided for students' questions and ample discussion is encouraged. There are rich opportunities for discussing timely topics in a small group and the interest and stimulation of hearing the unexpected from our guests.

Masujima Toshiyuki
Chuo University
"The past and present of administrative reform"
Yukitaka Ishii
former president of Japan Railways Kyushu
"JNR Privatization Reforms and Public Institutions Reforms
-Self-reform towards reform-"
Yasuhiro Kitade
Osaka prefecture Sennan city council member
"The city council 'function as the resident' representative and the city council as a system"
Ritsumeikan University
"Kyo-Machiya (Traditional Kyoto-style townhouse) and Preservation of Historical City View"
Kato Koji
Yokohama Shoin University
"the making of ordinances"
Kazuto Konishi,
Chairman of Fishing Sunday, a weekly magazine
"Carry on Nature Just As It Is, Otherwise, imagine Osaka Sinking"
Hiroyuki Mori
Ritsumeikan University
"'The Triune reforms' and the outlook on financial management of local governments"
Etsuko Abe
Ehime prefectural assembly member
"The Past and Present of the Resident Movement"
Shohei Sakakazu
"Japan's Urban Development, focusing on Abeno Re-Development project etc"
Koji Takase
Geo-Akamatsu Corporation, executive director
"The issue of urban redevelopment projects"
Nagoya University
The issue of regenerating self-governing bodies manifest, political assessment, NPO
Itoh Shin-Ichi
Japan Industry of Construction Engineering
"On area redevelopment"
Zheng Jingsh
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
"Urbanization problems in China"
Richard Green
Kanseigakuin University
"The modus of a creative mind-set"
Hiroyuki Mori
Ritsumeikan University
"the 3rd sector problem in Osaka-City"
Yasuo Iwamoto
head of the Osaka-City Urban Planning Adjustment Department
"The present condition of urban planning in Osaka-City.'
Tomoko Miyagawa
Heiwan Jogakuin University
"Learning from the city revitalization of Manchester, England"
Kumagaya Hiroshi
KPMG Business alliance
"On the maintenance of libraries by Private Finance Initiative"
Naoki Hayashi
Nikken Sekkei
"Revitalization of Kansai and Urban Planning"
Tomohiro Okada
Kyoto University
"Regional Policy under Global Economy"
Yukari Hiromoto
Osaka Gas
"The characteristics of Osaka's row houses"
Yoshiko Murai
Planning Laboratory
"About the management reform of Museums"
Tomotoshi Iseki
Josai University
"Management of municipal hospitals"