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Associate Professor, Graduate School for Creative Cities, Osaka City University


  • Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, 1961
  • 1982.9 Completed Basic and Specialized Courses, Japan Coast Guard Academy
  • 1987.4 Captain, Coast Guard Patrol Vessel Matsunami
  • 1992.3 Graduated from Policy Science Research Dept., Saitama University (Now Graduate School of Policy Studies)
  • 1992.4 Program Director, General Education and Training, Japan Coast Guard Academy
  • 1996.4 Senior Navigation Officer, Coast Guard Patrol Vessel Chikuzen
  • 1997.4 Associate Professor of Government Administration, Japan Coast Guard Academy
  • 1999.3 Completed doctoral coursework in Graduate Dept. of Economics, Osaka University
  • 2003.4 Associate Professor, Graduate School for Creative Cities, Osaka City University


  • Management Studies


  • Master's Degree in Public Policy

Recent Research Themes Specializing in administrative management and understanding and decision making.

  • Until now has conducted theoretical and practical research on understanding and decision making and public organization management in relation to the effectiveness of management activities in public organizations. In particular, in the midst of severe fiscal circumstances, management of local governing units in cities are the basis of these, and the effects of individual policies are enormous. Has dealt with the actual administrative reforms and local management of national and local governing units from a specialist's position. Recently along those lines has begun research on harbors, which are urban infrastructure, and the role and management of libraries as part of cultural policy. Is also conducting research on the relationship between individuals and organizations and organizational management utilizing her experience as an official in directing and managing organizations, and based on her unique career, is active in making presentations in middle schools and high schools to encourage the promotion of women.

Principal Books (Joint Authorship- in Japanese)

  • Japanese Style New Public Management, Gyousei Pub., 2003
  • Public Sector Economic and Management Studies, NTT Press, 2003

Principal Articles (Including Joint Authorship and Editorship)

  • "Evaluation of Patrol Boat Efficiency Based on Data Envelopment Analysis," System Science & System Engineering, 1998 (in English)
  • "Establishing Group Dominance in Multicriteria Decision Problems with Incomplete Information," INFORMS CANADA, 1998 (in English)
  • "Research on Evaluating Administrative Activities (Part 1)," Coast Guard Academy Research Reports, vol. 45, no. 2, 1999 (in Japanese)
  • "A Data Envevelopment to Multicriteria Decision Problems with Incomplete Information," Computers & Mathematics with Applications 39, 2000 (in English)
  • "Research on Evaluating Administrative Activities (Part 2)," Coast Guard Academy Research Reports, vol. 46, no. 1, 2000 (in Japanese)
  • "Local Management- The Power Within," Mukku, Tohoku Electric Co., 2003 (in Japanese)
  • "The Model of Local Government Unit Reform Seen from an Organizational Theory Perspective," Local Administration NPM Adoption Reports, Ministry of Internal Affairs, 2004 (in Japanese)
  • "Thoughts on the Circumstances of Female Employees in Local Government Units and the Development of Abilities," Masse Osaka Research Transactions, vol. 9, 2006 (in Japanese)
  • "Thoughts on the Reform of Awareness within the Reform of Administration," Urban Problems Research, vol. 58, no. 11, 2006 (in Japanese)

Professional Organizations

  • Japan Operations Research Association
  • Japan Society for Public Administration
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

Principal Recent Professional Activities

  • Member, Survey of Osaka City Government Reform
  • Member, Osaka City Administration Evaluation Committee
  • Member, Amagasaki City Social Security Commission
  • Member, Fukuoka Prefecture Administrative Reform Commission
  • Member, Mino City Deliberative Council on Public Housing
  • Member, Evaluation Committee for Independent Administrative Bodies, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
  • Member, Research Evaluation Committee, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology
  • Member, Consulting Committee, Japan Small Craft Inspection Organization
  • Miscellaneous
  • Director, Public Management Forum
  • Lecturer, Cyber Tekijuku